On the Album

Philipp Gropper
Elias Stemeseder
Hayden Prosser
Max Santner
Tenor saxophone
Double bass, electronics

Recorded at Studio P4, Funkhaus Berlin, Berlin. Engineering by Marco Birkner, Berlin. Edit, mix, post production by Alex Bonney, London. Mastering by Peter Beckmann, TechnologyWorks Mastering, London. Produced by Hayden Prosser Executive Production by Michael Janisch. Released on May 12, 2017 by Whirlwind Recordings, London.


From avant jazz to an electroacoustic sensibility, Tether combines the depth of freeform sound exploration with tightly knit motifs, while bringing together various styles and influences with new colours and textures. They cross sonic and temporal boundaries and look to the subtleties of emotional connection, mindfulness and togetherness experienced through explorative music.

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