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November 29

November 26

November 24
November 22
October 4
July 12
May 16

Future Inn Bristol (UK)
The Peer Hat Manchester (UK)
Sowieso, Berlin (DE)
The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh (UK)
Cafe Dujardin, Berlin (DE)
Donau115, Berlin (DE)
Zukunft, Berlin (DE)


December 10
December 9
May 20
May 19
May 18
May 17
May 13
May 11

Tenho, Helsinki (FI)
Validi Karkia, Pori (FI)
Red Corner, Kirkkonummi (FI)
Validi Karkia, Pori (FI)
Oriveden Opisto, Orivesi (FI)
Bar Ö, Turku (FI)
Donau 115, Berlin (DE)
Ram Jam Club, London (UK)


Tether channels influences from various strains of contemporary music. Combining bandleader Hayden Prosser’s dense compositional style with various forms of group improvisation, they discover new textures and colours that blend both acoustic and electronic instrumentation.

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